Hi! I'm Jodie Stein.

The Short Story

I’m a therapist who helps women in transition to be fierce about loving themselves so that they can fully shine in their lives. I’ve been an adventurer on the path of personal growth and awakening for over 20 years and have learned a ton about what creates lasting inner change.

Professionally, I have a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. I’m a licensed psychotherapist (MFT #80125) with clinical training and experience in attachment focused, body based therapies, mindfulness, and healing developmental trauma.

I believe that therapy can provide the doorway to create a more authentic life full of connection, purpose, and aliveness. To find out how it did for me, keep reading.

The Long Story

There I was, sitting on the borrowed twin bed in my Craigslist apartment. It was a Saturday so, of course, my housemates were out with friends. I was 35, in the middle of a divorce and jobless. I had given up our lovely, overpriced apartment, my cat, and the full, new life that I had started overseas.

I was alone; desperately, panicky, adult-world alone.

Suddenly in this awful moment came a thought: 

"This wasn't supposed to happen to me! I followed all the rules!"

To part of me this thought felt true, kind of like the anger and injustice of working hard in school and getting an F anyway. At the same time I knew it made no sense.

But my confusion made me take notice and get curious enough to ask myself some monumental questions: 

Who's rules was I actually following? Where had they gotten me in life? Were they right for me? And if not, how could I discover my own?

This pivotal moment in the midst of the emotional crisis of my divorce paved the way for my career as a therapist. 

I began to define my own rules, to explore the impact of the one's I'd been taught and never questioned, and to grieve the costs.

Through therapy, an intensely personal Master's program in psychology, and body-based practices, I started waking up to the patterns and roles I'd learned in my family.

With time, I learned to value my own needs, to trust the wisdom of my body, to set boundaries, and to build a relationship of acceptance with parts of myself that were hard to like.

I discovered how to be fierce about loving myself and how to follow my own rules. This has brought more joy, energy, aliveness, play, purpose, and connection into my life than I ever imagined sitting on my twin bed that day.

Granted, fierce self love is not always easy. It has asked me to make hard choices and to have courage rather than stay put out of fear. But I've learned that I can trust myself to do what's right and how to create support for myself during the storm. And that feels pretty powerful!

As a therapist my passion is to help women build these tools for inner resilience.

I believe that these are the key ingredients that many of us need to create more fulfilling, authentic lives.

Transitions such as breakups, separation/divorce, becoming married, or differentiating from our family of origin, are often the crisis events that force us to confront our self love deficits and also provide the doorway for deeper change.

I believe that we need to learn to be fierce about our growth in those places where we are vulnerable to losing our inner voice in the face of another's needs.

There is no one-size fits all to-do-list, but I know the road.

As a therapist I bring into our sessions my creativity, heart, humor, and a commitment to facilitating lasting change. I'll be active in helping you see stuck places and old patterns so that you can grow.

My style is down to earth, warm, and sometimes a little sassy. I bring my heart and my humanness to our work together.

You have the choice to create an authentic life that you love and to be here fully for it, with your heart, your head, and your body.

Let's start now.