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From Funk to Flow: Reviving Your Soul and Finding Your Passion

Recently, I asked a client who quit a dead end job in order to find her purpose what finding it would feel like. After thinking a moment she lit up and said, “it’s like work doesn’t feel like work, you have things to do but you love doing them and you can feel you’re really good at it. Even when it gets hard sometimes, you know you’re here for a reason. It’s work, but it’s about who you are.”

Sounds like flow to me. And it’s no coincidence that flow happens in connection with creation.

Here’s the reason: to find our purpose we need to connect to our soul. And connecting to our souls is a creative process. By definition it’s non-linear, right brained, mysterious, vague. It involves allowing space to hang out in the unknown for a while, without form and without to-do lists. It involves trust in our human nature, our innate programming to grow and evolve.

For most of us, that’s scary. But there is hope, and there is, ironically, something we can do. Click here to read the full article on Psyched Magazine.

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