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Learn to Clear Negative Energy and Invite Blessings for 2018

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Out Of the Office and Into the Wild: How Fasting In the Desert Helped Me Find Purpose

At the turn of the New Year 2012 I walked into the desert to make sense of my life. I've always felt at home in the desert; it calls me with its basin of sky, its harsh beauty, its way of mummifying the castles of dreamers. There is a challenge here for me to take up space in a way that confirms: I matter. It seemed a fitting place for my Vision Quest, a spiritual journey in the wilderness spent fasting for three days and four nights in a remote spot, alone.

Since my divorce and return from living in East Africa a few years before, I had been steadily dismantling the life I had built in service of becoming a psychotherapist. Years of living in survival mode juggling grad school and jobs, spending down my savings as I worked six day weeks, and returning to intern status had taken their toll. I was exhausted and sinking into self doubt. In my relationship, too, I faced a turning point; whether to take the next step or to let go.

I sought answers to these questions; what direction should my life take? What's my purpose? What's getting in my way?

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