Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle is a weekly therapy group for women in the separation or divorce process who want to cultivate inner resilience, develop fierce self love, and learn to access their own wisdom. When we lack these essential resources, getting out of relationship can paralyze us in fear, confusion, and self blame.

You deserve a choice - the sense of confidence that you can leave and survive, or the ability to stay without losing yourself. Come get empowered to rebuild your life and a new relationship with yourself.

When : Monday at 7:15-8:45PM

Cost : $300 per month ($75/session), Personal Interview $150

Initial commitment to attend for four weeks with the option to continue as long as you'd like to. Please contact me to schedule a 50 minute personal interview at my office where we will explore together whether this group is a good fit for you.

Need support but just want to dip your toe in? Check out my monthly, drop-in gathering on Meetup.


Testimonials from participants

I feel that I have gotten what I wanted and more. I really appreciated the space to share and the tools. The group has been so very helpful to me in my process. Just making time for reflection makes such a big difference. I always looked forward to coming. Thank you for creating such a powerful and meaningful group! It is so needed. ~ B.H.
I’m really happy being a part of this group and I’m seeing that we all have so many common challenges, feelings, and experiences with our transitions. I’ve never really been in a group like this before but I feel pretty comfortable sharing with these women and I’ve gained a lot of comfort hearing their stories. The overall experience so far has been really valuable and I look forward to getting to know all the women better. ~ M.C.