therapy for women healing from breakups, separation & divorce

Ending your marriage or relationship, whether by choice or not, is one of the most difficult and confusing life transitions.

Whether you're trying to leave or cope with the process of being left, you're probably experiencing a lot of hurt and anxiety. You may be fed up with the anger, walking on eggshells, betrayal, lack of intimacy, or emotional distance and aware that something has to change.

But as soon as you try to make a change, difficult thoughts and feelings come up:

What if I end up alone?

Maybe there's still hope that he’ll change.

How can I do this to my kids?

I don't have the right to hurt her like this.

Please don't leave me!!

These feelings can be so overwhelming that you find yourself doing just about anything to stop them. Or you get caught in a constant inner dialogue arguing both sides and end up confused about which thoughts to trust. 

Before you know it you're stuck. And as if that isn't hard enough, then you feel bad about yourself for not being strong.

As women, we're vulnerable to this pattern. Our personal histories, reinforced by cultural norms, often make it challenging for us to stay attuned to our inner voice in the face of another person’s conflicting needs.

The good news is that there is hope for breaking out of this exhausting cycle.

Imagine being able to connect with your own inner wisdom about what's best for you.

To trust yourself to make decisions based on what's right rather than stay stuck out of fear, and to be kind to yourself when you stumble on your journey (as most humans do!)

As you begin to develop more awareness of your needs and boundaries in relationship, things change. You stop abandoning yourself. You feel more connected to what you want when making big life decisions. You can stay grounded when upset so that you can make different choices.

Healing is possible when you become fierce about loving yourself.

We'll work together in individual therapy to help you begin to develop these building blocks for fierce self love:

Connecting with your own inner wisdom about what's best for you

Learning to befriend parts of you that are scared or anxious

Attuning to and valuing your needs and boundaries

Taming your inner critic and negative self talk

Developing mindfulness tools for working with anxiety

Identifying outdated family rules and roles and letting them go

Working with strong difficult emotions

Transforming your self image by changing your habits

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