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This is a story about cleaning the house. And it's a story about how I tried to get my needs met by controlling someone else's behavior. It's a story about the toll that took on my marriage and on me. And of how, when I woke up to own my part, I felt less resentful, more empowered, spontaneous, alive and connected in relationship...So what's my part in this dynamic? If you had asked me back then I would have been annoyed. Can't you see how hard I'm working?...

Been on any good dates lately? Whether you're swiping, winking, or chatting, one thing that most of us can agree on is that dating can really mess with your emotions; one week you are riding the wave of a potential connection, full of hope, your imagination launching into a future together; the next you are coping with disappointment or rejection, plunged into a downward spiral of loneliness, longing for your old boyfriend or vowing never to date again. Here are Five Tools that can help.

I'm excited to share with you both my personal story and my expertise as a mindfulness-based psychotherapist. By understanding some of the internal shifts I took towards self love, why I think it’s  important for women to be fierce about it, and how it can help ground you in your purpose, values, and boundaries, you can begin to build self love skills in your own life. I’ll share four emotional mindfulness tools and practices in the hope that they inspire you on your journey. Listen to this podcast to get the full story.

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