Join a circle of women committed to being fierce about loving themselves!

You’ll attend in-person or online workshops packed full of interactive exercises and take home practices designed to help you connect to your fierce, soulful life. You’ll dive in through three steps that help you commit, connect, and take action so that the changes you make are grounded in a new, more self loving way of being in the world.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Commit to You

Commit to be single for 90 days.

That’s right – no dating, no checking dating apps, no texting, sexting, obsessing, or taking up dude worthy hobbies. No spiraling into hopelessness because you’re too old, unattractive, damaged, in the wrong city, or don’t know the rules anymore. No dating or dating related activities, period.

This commitment is important because it shifts your attention to yourself. It gives your psyche a powerful message that it’s time to turn and face me. If you’re a serial over-doer and have been dating like mad, it frees up a lot of your energy and time. If you tend to go into hiding and haven’t been on a date in years, it shakes you out of avoidance. 

Either way, making the commitment to 90 days of You stops the cycle of failure which you are likely caught in. Yes, it may be hard. But you’ll know you’re all in and that feels good.



Develop a fierce loving relationship with your inner truth.

Learn how to relate to your soul life, your authentic truth, and to connect with a new community of women who are ready to support you.

With your life focused on these relationships, chances are you’ll have more energy and a renewed sense of purpose. This is how we’ll use it to begin to reinforce a cycle of fierce self love.

You’ll attend Fierce Love Project Workshops either in-person on online for three months. Through small group exercises, personal reading, and take home practices you’ll begin to learn about and heal what gets in the way of valuing yourself and fully embracing your soulful life.

Here are some of the areas we’ll explore together:

  • Mindful Awareness Tools for Working with Difficult Emotions
  • How to Listen to your Body’s Wisdom
  • Exploring Family Rules & Roles
  • Learning to Care for your Child Self
  • Taming Your Inner Judge or Critic
  • Healthy Ways to Work with Emotions like Anxiety, Fear, and Anger

You’ll be doing this work with like-minded women, with the option to connect between workshops through the private Fierce Love Facebook Group.


Step 3: Do good in the world

Create a project that allows you to help others through sharing your experience.

Changing the world happens one step at a time. When you share your authentic life, it impacts people in a positive way – validating, reducing shame and isolation, and inspiring others to take healthy risks.

At the same time, your project helps you internalize the changes you’ve gained and feel good about giving back.

You might start a blog, create a dance, art, or theater performance, lead a Meetup, plan a social or athletic event, or a service project. We’ll develop your project idea together.

Your project may be based in your current skills and strengths or something totally new, but will be created just for this purpose, ongoing, and allow you to share a piece of your Fierce Love Project experience in a public way.

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