Therapy for women who want to be fierce about loving themselves

Many women who start therapy already have a lot of inner strength and resourcefulness. From the outside they look like they’re doing okay and no one may know that they’re struggling inside. Like everyone, they want to be happy and well in their lives and, for periods of time, they can convince themselves that they’re alright. Often, they feel like they’re doing something wrong when their symptoms just won’t go away.

Does this sound familiar?

Of course, it’s normal to use your mind to try to feel better. And why not? Well meaning family and friends may tell you to just stay positive, and your Facebook feed is certainly full of articles on the topic.

Sometimes it works for a while to convince yourself that you can just move on after difficult experiences. But the problem is that, eventually, your body 'speaks' through symptoms like panic attacks, anxiety, depression, addictions, or exhaustion.

Whether you understand the reason for these symptoms or feel confused and at a loss about why they are happening, they often provide the wake-up call that you need to begin to look deeper.

Our bodies tell us the truth about how we need to heal.

The good news is that when we pay attention to our body's wisdom, over time it is possible to heal so that our system 'distress signals' lessen or stop altogether.

And here's where the fierceness on the road to loving yourself comes in.

You don't want to be that seemingly okay woman going through the motions anymore. To live the authentic, vibrant, healthy, and connected life that you want, you're ready to pay attention to your healing on a deeper level. You want to look at what's happened so that you can shift patterns that have a high cost in your life.

We'll work together in individual therapy to help you begin to do the deeper work of healing:

Attune to the ways you've been hurt and the beliefs you've developed to try to protect yourself

Relate to parts of yourself that you find hard to like with more acceptance

Understand the role of early attachment and how it impacts your relationships now

Allow feelings and difficult emotions without being overwhelmed or embarrassed

Identify outdated family rules and roles, let them go, and begin to live your own authentic life

Own your part in your relationship dynamics

Develop more awareness of your patterns and practice new ways of relating

Explore the ways your nervous system responded to danger and the behaviors that help you cope 

Mindfully access and heal traumas that continue to keep you stuck

Let's get started!

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