About me & My practice

Get to Know Me

As a therapist I bring my creativity, heart, humor, and a commitment to facilitating lasting change. I’ll be active in helping you see stuck places and old patterns so that you can grow.

Have questions or concerns about getting started? Click the image to learn more or feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to talk to you. 

How I Work

It's normal to wonder what we'll do in therapy and how it works, especially if this is your first experience. Learn more about what it's like to work with me.       

You have the choice to create an authentic life that you love and to be here fully for it, with your heart, your head, and your body. Let's Talk!

Individual Counseling

Therapy for women healing from breakups, separation & divorce. We'll work together in individual therapy to help you connect to your own inner wisdom about what's best for you. 

Therapy for women who want to be fierce about loving themselves. We'll work together in individual therapy to help you begin to do the deeper work of healing. Click to learn more.

Couples Counseling

Couples therapy and premarital counseling for a fierce loving marriage. We'll work together in couples counseling to help you develop tools to navigate some of the important dynamics for couples during this process. Click to learn more.

Groups & Workshops

Coming Full Circle is a weekly therapy group for women in the separation or divorce process who want to cultivate inner resilience, develop fierce self love, and learn to access their own wisdom. 

A new workshop for women recovering from a breakup who want to develop tools for inner resilience, grow community, and make an impact in the world.

Featured Articles

Check out my articles featured in the Elephant Journal and Psyched Magazine. You can also listen to a podcast on Inner Spark Radio about my journey to Fierce Self Love.